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Civil Engineering Intern

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Foundation Systems of Michigan, Michigan’s largest foundation repair and basement waterproofing contractor, is currently accepting applications for a Civil Engineering Intern.

The civil engineering internship is an excellent opportunity for career minded individuals on a geotechnical or structural engineering path. The civil engineering intern will work under the direct guidance and supervision of a licensed professional engineer in the State of Michigan.


  • Follow design procedures for typical foundation repair solutions
  • Follow, create, and improve engineering spreadsheets used in design of typical
    foundation repairs
  • Make supplemental site visits to residential customers to field verify scope of
    work and to verify engineering parameters used in design
  • Generate engineering drawings based on field measurements and proposed
    scope of work
  • Read, understand, and interpret engineering plans and specifications
  • Effective administrative and time management skills
  • Willingness to work outside
  • Ability to work occasional overtime, weekends, and travel
  • Attention to detail and organizational skills
  • Excellent communication, and ability to multi-task


  • Must be enrolled in Civil Engineering or Civil Engineering Technician program
  • Basic understanding of computer-aided design programs including AutoCAD
  • Basic understanding of soil mechanics and soil behavior
  • Basic understanding of building loads and load path determination
  • Basic familiarity with Michigan Residential Building Code requirements
  • Ability to communicate engineering principles clearly and effectively

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Candidate possesses Engineer-in-Training certificate
  • Candidate has practical experience with residential home construction and or
  • Candidate is fluent in Microsoft Excel, AutoCAD, and SketchUp

At FSM we redefine our industry not only for our customers, but also for our employees. We highly value our employees and strive to make our company a great place to work. We offer a fun and family-oriented environment, a casual dress policy, the tools and training you need to get the job done the right way, and a competitive pay and benefits package. If you think you’d be a great fit on our team, we’d love to have you apply now through the link above.


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  • Health Care
  • Paid Time Off
  • 401k Plans
  • Flexible Spending
  • Opportunities to Give Back
  • Branded Apparel
  • Special Events & More

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Professional Employee Spotlight
Professional Employee Spotlight
Professional Employee Spotlight
Chris Kliczinski

Chris Kliczinski

I knew FSM was right for me really early on in my time here. FSM ownership and management is always thinking about the future. Future growth, planning for the future—and that’s how I have always looked at my own life, it was just a good fit.

Coming to FSM with my background in public tax and accounting, as well as my Chief Financial Officer experience, I was happy to see how well each department works together. As a manager, I appreciated the strong structure that FSM has in place to aide this.

The fact that everyone collaborates so closely makes it feel like a family. I’ve always enjoyed what I do, but doing it along side strong positive people, who also enjoy what they do, makes such a difference.
From the guys in the warehouse to the general managers—there isn’t one single person I don’t enjoy working with, and that’s what really sets FSM apart.

Financially it may not have been the highest offer I received, but when looking at the whole picture, salary, benefits, PTO—FSM was clearly the best choice. It’s obvious FSM focuses on taking care of their employees, both monetary and in regards to a good work family relationship.

My advice for new FSM employees is to keep an open mind and learn new things. Regardless of your background there is great opportunity for advancement—you can grow very quickly with this company.

Mike Dagher, P.E.

Being an engineer can be a thankless job. In my previous positions as staff engineer, I worked on a single aspect of a project. I was never able to see the big picture in my work… never able to see how the pieces go together.

The best part about working at FSM is that I am able to do the exact thing that drove me to become an engineer years ago…problem solving! I solve homeowner’s problems daily, and I am able to see the project from beginning to end.

As a licensed professional geo-structural engineer, I review, analyze and engineer every foundation repair we perform. I’m able to take all the puzzle pieces and create a solution for each homeowner. Working for a company that chooses to have an engineer on-staff , when not required, was a huge reason why I chose to work here.

One of the first things I noticed when starting at FSM was the warehouse. Not only was it clean and well organized, but they had unopened boxes of tools. This spoke volumes to me. FSM is prepared; they are always looking to be proactive, never reactive when a situation arises.

Working at FSM has allowed me to better financially support my family. I feel FSM management has provided me with the tools to do my job and trusts me to do it successfully. Management goes out of their way to make you feel valued as an employee and a person.

Mike Dagher, P.E.
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